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Over the past few years AML has dedicated its expertise to the manufacturing world of small metal parts and fasteners meant for the automotive and the aerospace industry, as well as the clock and watch industry, without forgetting the world of assembling in general. In these sectors, manufacturers are highly oriented on the systematic integration of a quality control step of the mechanical pieces, before delivery to the final client: flawless pieces lead to an impeccable and highly competitive production result.

Automatic sorting for third parties is the core business of our company, but that is not all: by focusing more and more on the values of Industry 4.0 we are able to supply a complete range of services and assistance, based on the utilization of efficient systems and procedures that reduce waste.

Find out in detail all steps of our quality control process:



The first step of AML's production process is the order estimate, its registration and the collection of the pieces in 24 hours, anywhere in Italy. After having defined every aspect of the project with the client, we attribute traceability to the pieces and plan the order details. This step is extremely important: achieving the client's goals is the result of understanding his needs and objectives. This is a prime value for our company, which has always strived to supply total assistance to the client, consequently becoming a true partner.


A modern computerized apparatus is used for quality control. It ensures the achievement of the agreed requirements. The fundamental commitment and foremost objective of our activities is the respect of the client's requisites; therefore, during the automatic selection we record every check-control of the sorted pieces. These are packaged directly at machine end in order to avoid any chance of pollution.


In order to offer impeccable service, upon request we pack the sorted pieces in their final containers . Thanks to cutting-edge machines and qualified staff we're able to offer every kind of packaging requested by the client: vacuum-sealed, nylon bags, boxes with pieces positioned in layers, in bulk, and much more.
We're equipped with counting scales; furthermore, our sorting machines are able to set the quantity automatically, guaranteeing fast and timely delivery.


Timing is a necessity for industries: AML sorting cycle ends with a fast delivery in 24h by courier and throughout Italy. Pick-up and delivery can be done by courier or directly by the client.
Our company also offers a ”Confidential Delivery” service, which allows the omission of AML data to guarantee the privacy of the client.
With the delivery we also supply a record of the sorting process, which specify the distribution of the waste by category.


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