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Quality control of mechanical
pieces and 100% automatic sorting

Over the past few years AML has dedicated its expertise to the manufacturing world of small metal parts and fasteners meant for the automotive and the aerospace industry, as well as the clock and watch industry, without forgetting the world of assembling in general.
In these industrial sectors the manufacturers are obliged to have the mechanical parts undergo a quality control process before they are allowed to be delivered to the final client.
Automatic sorting for third parties is Aml’s core business as well as an added value to provide complete assistance to the companies we work with.

Why rely on AML?

Fast response and delivery: order execution in one day

We work h24/day, we never stop!

Sorted components guaranteed to be flawless

Pick-up and delivery of material on client's requirements

We record every step of the control process and provide final sorting reports

Confidential Delivery: packaging with omission of our data

We have 100% automatic
sorting machines for turned or moulded pieces, with controls for any need.


from 1000 to 20.000 pc/h


Checking of diameter, height, radius, chamfer and other external dimentions through optical chambers; checking of inner diameter with Marposs probe; surface control ( rifling, rust, presence of thread or grooves, swarf...)


Metals and plastic (also die-casting or muolding)


Possibility to separate waste by type of check, up to a maximum of 3.

Thanks to cutting-edge equipment and constantly updated personnel we are able to sort out an increasingly wide range of pieces.


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