100% flawless automatic sorting

Our company's core business is the 100% automatic sorting for third parties : our computerized apparatus is exclusively dedicated to a quality control that guarantees sorted and flawless pieces



Through our state-of-the-art machinery and our highly qualified personnel we are able to supply any packaging you may require


The use of sophisticated quality-control systems guarantees the achievement of the agreed requirements


We organize pick-up and delivery with a dedicated courier, at agreed pick-up sites and personalized destinations.

Specialists in quality control
of mechanical components.

Discover the different steps of our quality control method , from follow-up to logistics

Order registration, attribution of traceability and order planning.

Quality control, automatic sorting of the pieces and reporting of the process steps.

Packaging done directly at machine end, in order to avoid any kind of pollution.

AML's selection cycle ends with our “Confidential Delivery” service, with guaranteed 24-hour shipping.

Mechanical Machining

AML also offers mechanical machining; this enables the company to become a prime contractor for the whole production process of finished pieces or components. We can supply mechanical machining such as: manual and automatic assembling , secondary mechanical processing and pressing.


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8.00 / 12.00 - 13.30 / 17.30

Saturday and Sunday



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